DIY microdisplay array HMD, help needed

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DIY microdisplay array HMD, help needed

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Feel like building one of these: ... 7794&vid=5 ... _29729.jpg
I can easily get the lenses and microdisplays. However there are two design questions I have I could use help with.
According to this article ( ) ,
bring together many small micro-displays, arrange them in a circular fashion so that they all point at the center of rotation of the eye, put an array of small “magnifying glasses”, one magnifier in front of each display, and carefully align them to produce a nearly seamless image.
Anyone have such a HMD such as the Sensics Pisight? Would like to know how seamless "nearly seamless" is.
Also from the same article,
The lenses were needed both to allow the eye to focus on an object so close to the eye as well as to eliminate the physical edges and borders between adjacent displays, magnifying each display so as to create an optical overlap. ... The image overlap between adjacent screens was about 30%. ... careful calibration was required to get both the geometry and colors nicely aligned across displays; a lot of computing or FPGA power was needed to reformat an image so that it displays inside the HMD because each display shows a somewhat different perspective of the 3D scene and because images in adjacent screens had content overlap
Is optical overlap and different perspective done by shifting and cropping sections of a frame rendered by a 3d engine in an FPGA for each microdisplay or does it mean a different 3d persepctive so for each microdisplay the scene has to be rendered with the camera shifted and rotated slightly? I believe the former and the latter will require insane GPU power, but need to be sure.

Since the microdisplays and lenses can be wrapped around the eyes and todays microdisplays are much higher resolution I can build something with very wide field of view but very small size. Will still be expensive to sell and buy but for hardcare VR enthusiasts may be something interesting to build as will have very high PPI/PPD and FOV and be very small in comparison.

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Re: DIY microdisplay array HMD, help needed

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