VR180 monoscopic live-stream camera suggestions?

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VR180 monoscopic live-stream camera suggestions?

Post by johnnyc »

Hi everyone, does anyone know if there are any VR cameras that allow the making of monoscopic vr180 livestream videos? There's alot of different livestream VR cameras out on the market, but most of them are either 360 cameras or stereoscopic (dual lens) cameras.

It'll be great if I can find a monoscopic livestream 180 camera that's user friendly. Monoscopic means there won't be as much eye distortions compared to stereoscopic, and 180 is ideal for live=streaming.

Thanks guys!

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Re: VR180 monoscopic live-stream camera suggestions?

Post by Dom »

Heres something that is 4K 180 degree https://www.ebay.ca/itm/180-Waterproof- ... =R40&rt=nc

Not to expensive or if you have more money maybe check out the gopro's
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