How to get my tablet to go 3D

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How to get my tablet to go 3D

Post by bakersm »

Many of the new 3DTVs can take regular TV programming and convert it to 3D.

I want this for a tablet.

Meaning, the tablet would look all blurry to the eye but clear when I put on passive 3D glasses. Seems like a simple app. Anyone ever seen this?

(I know this isn't technically VR, but it is if I can then tweak the input and run it through a VR headset)

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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor

Re: How to get my tablet to go 3D

Post by cybereality »

No, that wouldn't work. For glasses-based 3D to work, you need a special screen. In the case of passive polarized 3D, there is a special film that is applied, or even a second LCD screen like device (as in the case of the Nintendo 3DS).

You could put a divider and lenses on the tablet and do SBS 3D, but at that point you are better off with any of the 100's of Google Cardboard like phone shells you can find online for $10 or whatever.

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