First Windows 10 VR Headset is 2k PerEye,& Costs > $300

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First Windows 10 VR Headset is 2k PerEye,& Costs > $300

Post by Dilip »

First windows 10 slide show hmd is around the corner

See the official Slide as below.
Mark the forth contender to MS Hololens

Now the specs as below

Panel : Lower Persistence LCD
Display size : 5.5 inches
Resolution : 2880 x 1440 (Dual 2K)
PPI : 704 PPI
Refresh Rate : 120Hz (Max)
Panel Response Time : <10ms
FOV (Field of View) : 100º
Protection : Blue Light Cut Technology

Pretty impressive indeed.

Yet its not $300 (Contrary to initial MS announcement) but $ 450,
Still with Wireless Controllers and positional tracking.

Only grip is they are using LCD not OLEDs, they indeed said low persistence and 120 Hz though.
Skeptical till genuine third party review pop up.


Its china based company,product is already in market, in December they got associated with windows holographic team. ... et-review/

Review do not talk about latency or anything
No technical terms or technical depth in review
its more informative/ news kind than review.

Still for any findings or in-depth VR Review, this product will remain on radar.

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