The Vive and Virieo

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The Vive and Virieo

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So this is going to be a couple of questions about the compatibility between Virieo and the Vive, and something I want an opinion on before I going breaking stuff in the hopes that it works.

I understand that ReVive is an application that ports Oculus only games over to the Vive, so my big question is this: Is it possible to use Virieo to create the Oculus files needed to play, let's say, WoW in VR, then run them through ReVive to create the files Vive files that may be recognized by Virieo and then run the ReVive files with Virieo 4.0 alpha 2 so I can play non-VR games on my Vive?

I apologize if that was a bit complex to follow. <.<;

And no, VorpX isn't within my price range at the moment, which is why I am presenting this ludicrous idea.

Also, is there some kind of road map or trello site that MTBS3 uses that shows a general outline of expected release dates, what they are attempting to accomplish for that release and etc?

Thank you much for your input!

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