ABC Australia Lateline episode about Virtual Reality

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ABC Australia Lateline episode about Virtual Reality

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This virtual reality segment aired recently on a major TV news channel.
Forget about reality and join us inside the virtual world

20/07/2016 Tony Jones enters the virtual world and conducts his first interview in virtual reality with Julian Price, of vTime, from Liverpool in England. ... 504392.htm

What happens when you spend a long time in a virtual world?

20/07/2016 For 48 hours, German artist Thorsten Wiedemann immersed himself in alternate realities to test the borders of real life and VR. ... 504394.htm
Interview: Professor Tom Furness - Founder, HIT Lab, University of Washington

20/07/2016 Tony Jones speaks with Tom Furness from Seattle, who's been dubbed 'the grandfather of VR' after 50 years of pioneering virtual and augmented reality. ... 504396.htm


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