Questions about running non-native 3D games in VR

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Questions about running non-native 3D games in VR

Post by chilledsanity »

I'm looking forward to VR to use with older not-natively-supported games. I'm not expecting full headtracking for everything, but what I'm hoping for will be to set up sort of a "virtual 3D cinema." So if I look ahead, I can see the game in 3D in front of me, but if I look to the side, it's like I'm in a theater. I think this would cut down on potential nausea (and being able to adjust my distance from the screen) and what games would still be compatible for 3D. Anyway, I have a few questions if anyone can help:

1. Right now there seems to be 3 main solutions for using VR on older games, Tridef, VorpX, and VireIO. Are these ONLY game-specific solutions, or will they work on any D3D 9 program as long as it's not doing something odd with the rendering?

2. If I had one of these installed, then tried to run another, will the software / drivers fight with each other? (not for the same game, just in general if I had one installed.)

3. How is the depth on these solutions? While I don't need headtracking, I do want deep, immersive 3D and not something that feels more flat like a popup book.

4. Besides inevitable game-specific glitches, is there anything else I should be concerned about for trying to play older games in 3D inside a VR headset?

I'm mostly just looking for specifics on each of these and possible suggestions. While of course this won't be as good as native VR content, I'm really hoping to relive a lot of older games in good 3D via the rift or vive. Any other commentary on this general topic is welcome.

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Re: Questions about running non-native 3D games in VR

Post by modobo »

I just noticed that u got zero replies to ur question like me so I decided to share my own experience. To answer ur question, forget about playing the old non 3d games in vr, u cannot convert a flat 2d game into 3d. As for the very old win xp games like Klingon Honor guard etc, invest in a HDMI 2 to 1 screen splitter. U need a good card for this though, must have at least 3 HDMI ports or 2 HDMI and 1 DVI. Im assuming u are using a DIY vr goggle with a 7 inch screen not an android phone (too much lag). For the vr effect, u can use an air mouse or if u r rich, buy TrackIR kit.

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Re: Questions about running non-native 3D games in VR

Post by Dangermoose007 »

Sounds like you are looking for something like Big Screen, or Virtual Desktop. You are essentially inside your HMD and a virtual room, but in front of you is a 2d display of your desktop and any applications you want to run on it, like old 2d games.

Virtual desktop:
Big Screen:

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