Video headset optics? Not unlike Cardboard.

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Video headset optics? Not unlike Cardboard.

Post by EatKabab »

Hello, I've been reading through the interesting posts here while looking for someone that has found some decent off the shelf optics I could use to make a basic pair of video goggles.

Basically, I'm looking for:
- low distortion
- low chromatic aberration
- generally wide viewing angle, maybe ~70deg
- close screen distance from eye

I understand that Cardboard has more crucial requirements since the field of view is the entire eye. I'll be using the widest 16/9 screen that is clearly in view when looking through the lens. I can tolerate a little pincushion effect...might even make it look like the new curved TV's.

I've ordered some Cardboard optics to test out but would appreciate it if you guys had any direction for me to move towards. I realize since I'm only going to be looking at essentially a "tv screen", I could cut the objective lens to make it fit in a smaller package...I may do that.

Thanks very much

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Re: Video headset optics? Not unlike Cardboard.

Post by josephfranlin166 »

If you want google cardboard best lenses, than you need to buy nice quality cardboard.
I think technology is still in big development phase. so alternatively you can buy from in india for best quality effects

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Re: Video headset optics? Not unlike Cardboard.

Post by Dilip »

BoboVR Z4 are the best build, Best Optics and Best comfort thing you can buy
unlike cheap paper cardboard which lack any kind of cushioning or head strap
or FoV to talk about..

If buying from India...
its sold re branded as Procus pro ... rds=procus

Or any where in world as BoboVR Z4/Xiaozhai ... s=bobovr+4

almost identical same products..
Go for them you won't regret for sure.

If you are interested only in Movie watching
buy Baofeng Moijing 3 plus at gearbest
Little costly than BOBO Z4 at $40..

Baofeng offers 2 set of lenses one for 60 degree movie other for 96 degree VR.
Best of both the worlds :mrgreen:

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