Gamelist: not-working with Tridef Ignition 2.4.6

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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Gamelist: not-working with Tridef Ignition 2.4.6

Post by iondrive »

Hi all,

Welcome to the not-working gamelist for Tridef Ignition v2.4.6. To avoid confusion, let me say that Tridef Ignition 2.4.6 is contained within the Tridef Experience package version 4.1.3. OK? Anyway, I'll tweak this post in the future but for now let's just get started with the list. It's pretty short so far so here's the list of games that don't work with Tridef as far as I know.

Eragon - note to self, add details
Starwars, The Force Unleashed (disc version) crashes on start but DOES work with driver 4.2/2.5. I expect the same with the Steam version but I have no data on that.

Note that games should be DX9. Tridef does not support other versions of DirectX yet. When that happens, appropriate notes should be included. Please contribute.

--- iondrive ---

EDIT: Removed Mageknight Apocalypse from list because it's DX8 and only DX9 is supported. The box says it's DX9 but nvidia's 3d settings logfile says it's DX8 so that's what I believe.
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Re: Gamelist: not-working with Tridef Ignition 2.4.6

Post by Neil »

Hi Iondrive,

These are great contributions, and I'm very appreciative.

The reason separate threads are used is because it's easy to track game by game. So games that don't work should be treated the same way. You don't have to say the game doesn't work in the title, because the thread may start with not working, and then within a few days, start working.

Also, when describing games that work or don't work, can you elaborate more on how you define this?

For example, when we do game reviews, we look to achieve combined depth and pop-out experiences, what anomalies remain if any, special settings, etc. The more detail you can provide, even in abbreviated form, is helpful.

Please keep up the great work!


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