HMD/OR using DDD and NTHUSIM DX11 ok no head track

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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HMD/OR using DDD and NTHUSIM DX11 ok no head track

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Hi guys i looked for away to run DX11 games on my DIY HMD due to the lens placement oculus mode does not cover the entire field of view of my system and there was the directx 9 limit.
I tested the sbs mode for DX11 games with no issues but i still needed optical correction and part of the frame was too outside of my FOV.
I solved the porblem by creating a barrel distortion (oclulus like) with NTHUSIM for a single screen (it will be duplicated when tridef start a game in SBS mode) and now i can play DX11 games with the optical correction (except that chromatic aberration is still present) on my homemade rift and amd7970 radeon card.
Only remaining issues is that i need to put the money away until i can buy an NTHUSIM license (playing 10 minutes at a time in the meantime).
If someone knows a cheaper warping software that has the same features as nthusim pelase let me know.

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