PSX/Playstation ePSXe Emulator. It Really Works!

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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PSX/Playstation ePSXe Emulator. It Really Works!

Post by LCountach »

OMG! I'm just a little too excited about this but ohhhh well. :P If this solution is already well known. Disregard this post and my noobishness.

For years I have wanted to play PSX in 3D. There were soooooooo many party poopers saying it will never work because PSX has no Z-Buffer. I thought... ePSXe isn't "Exactally" a PSX. With all these various DX and OpenGL plugins SOMETHING must work. I thought I tried everything. Nvidia's Legacy XP DX/OpenGL Drivers, iZ3D, and even Tridef DDD. Nothing worked so I gave up. Later there was a post by "mickl39" ... 871#p91203. He said he got it to work but didn't say how. Hopes dashed again and again I gave up. I just recently got back into my Legacy 3D stuff and decided to try again. I googled "mickl39" "3D" and "PSX". I found he posted on many forums and YouTube "It Works" but when asked he never revealed how it worked. In one post he did mention "Tridef" but again never replied to the questions as to how he got it working. I decided to experiment with Tridef again and I'll be damned if I didn't find a working solution!

1: ePSXe 1.7 and 1.9 work.
2: I used GLDirect 5 (copy "opengl32.dll" in same folder with "ePSXe.exe"
3: P.E.Op.S and Pete's OpenGL both work.
4: Enable "Mask Bit" in either plugin.
5: Use "Power 3D" mode in Tridef.
6: Profile/Power 3D settings "GUI Detection" to "None".

Things to note. Unfortunately like every 3D solution I have ever tried there is always Graphical Bugs. Some games look great. Some are just OK. Others are so graphically bugged as to be unplayable in 3D.

Spyro is "Almost" perfect.
Alien Trilogy is good but the floor looks like your always walking over a hill.
Guilty Gear is surprisingly good for a "2D" game. Only some objects are at wrong depths but most are pleasantly correct.
Mechwarrior 2 the ground is at the wrong depth.

One last flaw I would like to point out is with Tridef itself. "Power 3D" mode is often times the only option to play a game in 3D do to shader incompatibility or whatever. UNFORTUNATELY it is locked in "Autofocus". This means in some games the Convergence fluctuates wildly and DESTROYS the experience. Autofocus is great for top down or 3/4 view games when your zooming in and out a lot. However, it's IDIOTIC in a FPS when the hallways are constantly elongating and shortening every time an enemy, plant pot, or spec of dust enters your view. Sega's AVP comes to mind. If memory serves, Tridef has an AVP profile but its "Power 3D" and convergence fluctuations ruin the 3D playability. I seem to recall a tridef 4.xx package allowed a "Custom Focus" while using "Power 3D" mode. Unfortunately I don't remember for sure which one or if it even was really an option. In any case. I am using 5.xx packages and I am sure they don't support the NEEDED feature. If anyone has a solution to the Autofocus in Power 3D mode problem. Please post it.

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Re: PSX/Playstation ePSXe Emulator. It Really Works!

Post by cybereality »

Interesting. Thanks for posting.

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Re: PSX/Playstation ePSXe Emulator. It Really Works!

Post by ricardokung »

Hi LCountach.Nice job.Can you post the Tridef 3d profile you are using,please?

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