Apache Air Assault playable in 3D?

Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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Apache Air Assault playable in 3D?

Post by gr0bd4 »

Can AAA be played in 3D with DDD drivers? Because although it launches and gives me all the controls it seems it does nothing, except it looks darker and not as sharp due to the polarized glasses, but no 3D efect even though it's a 3D game. It's not in the presets list either. Anyone knows?

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Re: Apache Air Assault playable in 3D?

Post by cybereality »

I don't know about this specific game, but you can try messing with the DDD settings and see if anything helps. You can try turning on the 'Power 3D' mode. Also try toggling the "3D texture copy" or "row-major matrix" settings.

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