Post your recommended stereoscopic 3D separation/convergence settings along with game performance recommendations.
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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: S-3D desktop monitor
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This game looks Awesome in 3D :woot with DDD igniton but i had issues with SHADOWS being ALL WRONG most of time in 3D specially being at wrong places and seemingly floating next to object rather then laid at ground next to it :o

Game sadly don offer any "ADVANCE GRAPHICS SETTINGS!" of course it must be in hurry ported to PC Platform just before release (just like SKYRIM when it was Launched though they did worked out things for PC)

I really don understand why they don offer ANISTROPIC FILTERING or ANTI ALISING settings or SHADOW SETTINGS i have downloaded DDD Profile which was having tag "Shadows Turned off Profile" sadly it did worked well on frist launch then somehow game managed to turn shadows on in next launch while i saved and re launched for next session HoW Did it Do that??

Craving to see SHADOW FIXED working PROFILE at earliest like DS2 (Finally i Truly enjoyed my beloved game in its full glory)

BTW at DDD Forums someone had demanded DX11 Profile too. this game being ANIMATED i don know what good DX11 can do as when i played it in 1920X1080 any thing other then "Death" looked just as it was no texture or detail increase nothing!

Game looks good as its much WORLD of WARCRAFT LITCH KING+PRINCE OF PERSIA 2008+DIABLO (III -?, Ey No III Sucks) but did liked concept of Horseman Death with CROW GUIDE. ;) Transform in Ripper "V" key does not work :cry:


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