Tridef 3D Ignition 3.6.6 beta 1

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Tridef 3D Ignition 3.6.6 beta 1

Post by Earmack »

TriDef/DDD released new beta today=)

"We are releasing a beta version of Ignition with the following changes. Be aware that beta versions are not fully tested.

- Added new games: Torchlight II, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
- Added Chinese games: Tian Yi Jue (天翼决), God Online (神仙世界), Gong Fu Ying Xiong (功夫英雄).
- Fixed shadows and lightings in Sleeping Dogs.
- Fixed medium and low quality shadows in Sniper Elite V2.
- Fixed shadows in Darksiders II.
- Fixed 3D object detection and flashlight in Half-Life 2.
- Fixed various issues in Dota 2, Driver: San Francisco, Max Payne 3 and World of Warcraft.
- Enabled Gears of War DX10.
- Enabled Power 3D for Aliens vs Predator.
- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier now uses the display profile's preferred refresh rate.

Download: ...
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