Strange Brigade

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Strange Brigade

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With Helifax very close to finalizing his Vulkan wrapper, I thought I would post a few screens of Strange Brigade - IMO, a very good third-person adventure/shooter with a heavy Indiana Jones influence and a great sense of humor that seemed to be somewhat overlooked when it launched last year.

The game supports both Vulkan and DX 12, so I have been playing it off-and-on over the last year in 3DV. While it has been very playable in DX 12, it requires limited Separation/increased Convergence and shadows are an issue in some areas.

I don't know if anyone else is interested in this or has already played it, but it has my vote for getting some fixing love once Helifax lets loose the dogs! :D
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Re: Strange Brigade

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Strange Brigate seems like a lovely game, and it's now 70% off on
Now that Helifax's Vk3DVision has been released I guess we can try it and hopefully it will work in glorious 3D out of the box :D

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