3dvisionlive.com Domain Expiring

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3dvisionlive.com Domain Expiring

Post by flyoffacliff »

Just noticed that the domain 3dvisionlive.com is getting ready to expire. Nvidia used you have a portal where you could view and share 3d Vision content. It was shutdown a few years ago, and the domain now redirects to an old page on the main Nvidia site. Wondering if one of us should buy the domain and use it for something? Probably lots of old links across the internet to that URL.

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Re: 3dvisionlive.com Domain Expiring

Post by bo3bber »

Interesting. Be nice to not have all the links die.

Right now we still have live 3dvisionlive.com links to pictures on the HelixMod blog. They point to phereo servers behind the scenes, but phereo is also dead.

Not sure it makes sense to try to keep this mechanism alive/limping, but I hate to have broken links.

Anything else that people know link to 3dvisionlive.com?

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