FS2020 no workie with 3D

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FS2020 no workie with 3D

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Well, now that it's out, I can confirm FS2020 does not work with 3DVision. I was hoping it would since it worked with FSx. After all, afaik, it's DirectX, isn't it?

So I'm hoping someone will take a look at it and see why it doesn't work. Even if it can't be made to work, I'd like to know why. :)


Scott S.

p.s. I only bought the $60 version because we all know, once you use 3D, you can't go back and I wasn't going to spend $120 just to find out. If it can't be fixed I'm not sure I'll use it much.
Also, I'm on Windows 10 build 2004 and got 3D to work with the latest driver (452?) and HelixMod's 3D Fix Manager (Thanks! That was a life saver!)

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