Is the Nvidia emitter still needed (and other noob questions)?

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Is the Nvidia emitter still needed (and other noob questions)?

Post by Barza »

After a bit of a hiatus from 3D gaming I have come back to it, encouraged in part by seeing the active community engaged with it on this website. After a day or so of trying to bring myself up to speed and to get my hardware working, I have a couple of related questions I’d like to get some help with.

I have the following hardware: Win10 PC with 2 X GTX1080Ti in SLI, Panasonic 50DX750B, Optoma UHD42, and just acquired a Valve index headset. Denon AVRX3300w receiver is in the HDMI signal chain between the PC and the Panasonic/Optoma (the receiver has two outputs).

I have been trying to get my games working In 3D with the 3D fix manager. My first question- is the Nvidia 3D vision emitter still needed, as I don’t have one. I have been using glasses that sync to the Panasonic or Optoma, and it isn’t clear to me based on what I read whether I need the emitter.

Using the 3D fix manager I am having more failures than successes with games on the above hardware at the moment. The one game I can get to run pretty reliably in 3D is Remnant from the Ashes, and the 1080P/120hz 3D from the Optoma really looks great. But I get a variety of issues with other titles - too many to list at this point.

A second question: am I right in thinking the EDID hack for the Optoma UHD 42 is Only needed to enable Nvidia DSR at higher than 1080P resolution? Thus far I have been working simply with a custom 120hz resolution I set in the Nvidia control panel.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!!!

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Re: Is the Nvidia emitter still needed (and other noob questions)?

Post by P.C.Zen »

I think at this stage of the game you do need an emitter or a monitor with a built in emitter.

I have a 3D Samsung with its own glasses that I was able to get working using a hacked driver, to fool my P.C. into thinking it was a 3D Vision compatible monitor but it didn't really work properly and I ended up just switching back to a 3D Vision capable monitor with a separate emitter.

Most of the very specific info on this kind of stuff, I think, was mostly lost/destroyed when Nvidia merged/dumped their 3D vision forums into their Off Topic thread. You might be able to dredge up an answer by running a search in their off-topic section but I wouldn't bank on it.

You might be able to get a better response to your question than I've been able to give but I'd suggest framing a more specific question in the title of the post; that way it might catch the eye of someone who might have the answer. But to be honest I think it's a long shot.

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Re: Is the Nvidia emitter still needed (and other noob questions)?

Post by john105 »

You don't need the emitter. It's only needed if you use the NVIDIA glasses.

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