Monster Hunter ICeborn 3d vision

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Re: Monster Hunter ICeborn 3d vision

Post by schwing »

I mean in terms of limiting anything after you continue. That's good news then.
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Re: Monster Hunter ICeborn 3d vision

Post by DJ-RK »

Since we now have this working for everybody, I was finally able to upload the full release to the blog: ... world.html

Thanks for everyones patience, support, and those that were involved with testing and troubleshooting during the development of the fix.

Now get to playing this if you're not already (and at all interested in the game), because if it breaks again I can't guarantee I'll fix it AGAIN... not after the nightmare I/we just went through.

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Re: Monster Hunter ICeborn 3d vision

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Thank you for all your time and effort. We'll enjoy it while it lasts :)

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